Next page token expires or invalid on 2nd call

Hi, my team is trying to integrate Dynamics 365 Marketing (Event planning module) with Zoom. We are successful getting the events in Zoom and creating an event record in Dynamics. But when it comes to registration data, we are stuck with getting the data when it’s more than 300 records which is the maximum page size based on this
documentation: Zoom Meeting API

We are using the HTTP action to do the API calls in Power Automate to create the event registration data. We are using a do until loop. It will only ends when the next page token is blank. It’s getting the next page token for the next batch of registration data but the token is always giving us this Invalid access token error. (Sorry, for some reason, this forum is not allowing me to post any images, cant show you the power automate flow error).

Appreciate help from this community. It’s my first time working on Zoom APIs.

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Hi @crmadmin
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
I will send you a private message so you can attach the picture of the issue there

While integrating Dynamics 365 Marketing with Zoom, you’ve run into an issue when dealing with registration data exceeding the maximum page size. The “Invalid access token” error might be due to token expiration, rate limiting, or an authentication issue. Ensure your access token is valid, consider Zoom’s rate limiting, and implement robust error handling in your Power Automate flow to address this. If you still face difficulties, reach out to the Power Automate community for assistance.

Hi ali, thanks for your reply. We tried lowering the page size to 10 to ensure that we don’t hit the 15 min next page token expiration period. May I know the correct endpoint URL when retrieving paginated data?

Hi everyone,
The fix to this issue was to add the next_page_token as a query parameter
it was being passed as the authorization method

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