No App Delegate file in v4.3.1.47193.0321

So, the documentation for the MacOs (v4.3.1.47193.0321) desktop release asks you to set the constants:


… in the file appDelegate.m

Now, the file appDelegate.m does not exist and the visual in the documentation does not match the file SDKAppDelegate.m - the closest match in the project directory.

Adding the constants in that file appears to make no difference - one is prompted for all those values when the app starts.

Further, a scan of the source code reveals no reference to the values kZoomSDKAppKey or kZoomSDKAppSecret

I am a noob but, exactly for this reason, having documentation which matches the supplied SDK so poorly is profoundly unhelpful.

Hi simon,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We have changed the location of the key and secret in the demo to ZMSDKLoginWindowController, you may find it here:

We are under the construction of improving our documentation. Pardon the inconvenience caused by the misleading info in the doc.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Setting the variables there (where the placeholders are at line 19 in the file ZMSDKLoginWindowController.m) makes no difference to the experience launching the app. One is immediately prompted for the domain and then the keys.

Is this the intention? It certainly makes a nonsense of a secret key if need to distribute it to my users.

As I say, and I may be displaying by ignorance here, the only point where the string kZoomSDKDomain is referenced in the Xcode workspace is commented out in the function onSetDomainClicked in the same file - which seems a strange place to implement it after the user has requested the domain manually (and it is commented out so is never implemented anyway).

It’s not my native environment but I could possibly slug through the code and use the defined constants by default but it seems ever more distant from the breezy ease of use suggested in the docs.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

You might have noticed that in ZMSDKLoginWindowController.m, the following 2 lines are commented out:

Uncomment these 2 lines and comment out the other 2 lines(setDomain & auth) that is getting domain, key and secret from the UI input, then the hardcoded value in kZoomSDKDomain, kZoomSDKKey, kZoomSDKSecret will be used directly.

The reason why we have the set domain window and the set key&secret window in our demo app is because we want to show the correct steps of using our SDK.

Since this is a demo app, so you may hard code the credentials for development and testing purpose, in the production environment, we highly discourage the way of hardcoding anything in your app that uses Zoom SDK. Please see:

We will continue improving our documentation as well as our demo app. Your feedback is really valuable to us.

Let me know if there is any other things that I can help.