SDK Key and SDK Secret Changes every time

Whenever i go to my App info page App Secret key and SDK Secret changes. It will not allow my sample app to work on. Shown an error code as 2

I got the same issue. Furthermore, I deactivated SDK app then I’m unable to active it again. It toast a message “sdk_credentials_not_found”.

Hey @marimuthu.g, and @marimuthu.g, are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, please provide a screenshot of the error.



Now the issues will be solved. But cannot able to check with SDK key & Secret.

SDK Version Used: v4.6.15801.0403
Check with demo app.

In AuthConstants. File, I given the valid SDK key & Secret key

public final static String SDK_KEY = “9zSu**********erA”;
public final static String SDK_SECRET = “qI69**************smn2Z”;

For zoom sdk initialization
ZoomSDKInitParams initParams = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
initParams.appKey = AuthConstants.SDK_KEY;
initParams.appSecret = AuthConstants.SDK_SECRET;
initParams.enableLog = true;
initParams.logSize = 50;
initParams.videoRawDataMemoryMode = ZoomSDKRawDataMemoryMode.ZoomSDKRawDataMemoryModeStack;
mZoomSDK.initialize(context, this, initParams);

Then i run the demo application. Still the same error occur.

InitAuthSDKHelper: onZoomSDKInitializeResult, errorCode=2, internalErrorCode=3023

Kindly provide a solution.

Hey @marimuthu.g,

Which SDK are you using so I can direct your question?


Hi marimuthu.g,

Thanks for the reply. I see you have another post regarding this issue: Zoom SDK Initialization failure, I will provide further assistance over there.