No audio if you are the first non-host to join the meeting using iOS SDK


We are using the iOS SDK and we encountered an audio issue.

If UserB joins a meeting containing only HostA, upon joining the meeting, UserB will here a chime sound and then receive a onMicrophoneStatusError with MobileRTCMicrophoneError_FeedbackDetected.

After this happens, UserB will not be able to hear and record audio.
Also calling muteMyAudio: will return MobileRTCAudioError_AudioNotConnected error.

We noticed that this only happens if you are the first non-host person to join a meeting containing the host. If you are the host or you are the 2nd/3rd non-host person to join the meeting or you join the meeting through Callkit, then there will be no such issue.

Also theres no such issue for Android SDK.

I dug around and notice that for this case, myAudioType is MobileRTCAudioType_None. Whereas for all the cases that worked, it is MobileRTCAudioType_VoIP. Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue.


Hi enga,

Thanks for the post. I have passed this to the engineering team and I will get back to you once I have any updates.


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Hi enga
I cann’t reproduce the issue.
Can you provide the SDK Version.



Thanks for taking a look at this issue.
We are currently using version 4.4.55968.0904

Some more information:
We joined the meeting by calling startMeetingWithStartParam, using MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4WithoutLoginUser with zakToken.
We set setAutoConnectInternetAudio: and enableCustomMeeting to true.

Our current workaround is to call connectMyAudio: manually during the following delegate calls:
onMeetingReady and onMicrophoneStatusError:.

Seems like the audio gets disconnected on its own, and it occurs very frequently after joining a meeting and after the chime sound finish playing. While the chime sound is playing, we can hear that audio is working correctly.

Hi enga
I test on our sample code.
when you set ‘setAutoConnectInternetAudio’ and ‘enableCustomMeeting’ to true.
it’s work for auto-connect audio.
Can you have a try with our sample project?
Before the chime sound finishes playing, That means you’re not in the meeting yet.No voice connection is correct.