No Effects/Video Filters option on Android

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Since updating from 5.16.2 to 5.17.10, there is no option in the default UI for effects/video filters on Android. Curious if there is a setting that I am missing that may be disabling/hiding this UI option?


Thank you for sharing in the Zoom Developer Forum. Could you please provide additional information regarding what is not present? Additionally, could you kindly share a screenshot of the option in the default UI for effects/video filters in version 5.16.2 and 5.17.10?

@christopher.dwyer ,

I’ve just tested this on my end and I can confirm that the background & effects options are visible in the settings panel on iOS. However, I don’t see these options on Android. Is this the feature you were referring to?

@christopher.dwyer ,
The background and effects options are available for the latest SDK, but you need to test it on an actual device. Please test it with an actual device to see the background and effects options for Android.

Yes, this is the feature I’m referring to. I’m testing on a real device (Samsung Galaxy A25 5G), and not seeing that option.

@christopher.dwyer ,
Have you tested on a different device? I can confirm it is working out of the box in the latest version of the SDK.

I tested with my Pixel 3, and I’m seeing the same thing. I’m curious if there is any options that can be set that hide that option from the default UI, that may have been set unintentionally?

Here is our support documents for configuring the Zoom Meeting UI:

Looking through the documentation you linked, I don’t see any setting to disable the background and effects option, but it isn’t there for us in our testing, across multiple devices.

@christopher.dwyer ,
The feature is available by default if you’re using an actual device. Are you testing with the sample app or your existing project? If you’re using an existing project, I would recommend using the sample app and comparing the difference between the two applications.

@donte.zoom Okay, if it is enabled by default with the default UI (which we are using), can you tell me what setting would cause it to be disabled on real devices? Reading through the class documentation you linked above, it is not readily apparent that ANY of the settings would disable it (there isn’t one mention of background or effects on the entire page). If one of these settings does hide this feature, it should be added to the documentation.

@christopher.dwyer ,
Please check your account settings? Here is the article on that:


Also, here is the InMeetingVirtualBackgroundController interface for reference: