No option to contact dev support team

This is very frustrating. The only option we are left with is to post our technical issues here, for which you might not get any response for months and months. This is one of the live example where there is no response on the post.

Now, if you try to reach the email for dev support or general support email or

then, it says that the email is not monitored and it redirects you to this very place where you are getting no response. How will you ever get an answer from the tech support team when all channels are blocked and the only channel available doesn’t respond?

@tommy please respond to this.

Hi @elearningevolve ,

Thank you for providing this feedback. We are actively working on reconciling any confusion between developer support (where you can sign in and submit a request if there is a bug/account issue) and our developer engagement community (the developer forum), where you can talk to Developer Advocates such as myself or other developers regarding the platform.

On the forum, we are working to do and improve upon our best to connect with community members such as yourself and encourage conversation among other developers who have platform knowledge.

What should we do if we get no response to our technical queries on this Dev forum? e.g this one

Where should we reach out to connect with the Zoom dev support?

there is no really developer support here - only a few moderators and other users

but here are some answers to your questions (the other thread is closed)

Can we use a single SDK type creds for different Zoom account users so they can use the same area to access the Zoom Web SDK?

you can use a single app for all meetings in the same account in which the app is integrated - join as “host” or “attendee/participant” is possible

you can use the same app for all meetings of any other account - but only join as “attendee/participant” is possible

but you don’t need a host for a meeting

and with the host key

you can always later obtain the host rights

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ok, thank you for the response.

So, it means that there is no developer support option until you pay for premium support and if you dont get an answer here for a query then there is no way to recieve a response and the only way is to subscribe for premium support. Correct?

either you research everything yourself (with the help of other users) or it will probably need a paid support

Hi @elearningevolve ,

We have developer support for bugs which all developers of all account levels have access too. If support determines your issue is not a bug, they will direct you to the forum to research and connect with other members of our developer community. If you have time sensitive bugs or require developer support for other instances (e.x. platform implementation), paid premium support is encouraged. I hope that helps!

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