One SDK app type credentials for any Zoom account user

The v2.7.0 of Web SDK requires the new SDK app type credentials. My use case is such that the administrator can add their SDK type creds for the Web SDK and different Zoom users are using the same platform and the same Web SDK on the site for their own meetings.
Can we use a single SDK type creds for different Zoom account users so they can use the same area to access the Zoom Web SDK? It is not possible for each Zoom account holder to add their own credentials on the site as multiple distinct Zoom account users are using it.

I have tried this and the credentials only work for a user joining with a different Zoom account when they join as a participant and whent they join as a host it gives the error " joining meeting timeout.
Signature is invalid."

Is it possible to make the SDK app type creds work for any Zoom Web SDK even for different Zoom account user meetings it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to force each user to generate their own SDK app type creds.

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