Requesting Refund Developer Please

Hi Developer, I am requesting a refund for a 1 year subscription. It bought by mistake. Please reply dev, i need this money so bad.

@lester.gaming01 please raise a support ticket instead

Hi sir Chung, Please help me. I already talk to Zoom Billing support. He/She told me that i should message google support because it was bought in google play store. Then google support told me this:

Hi Lester Gaming,

Thank you for contacting Google Support.

This is a follow - up email regarding the refund.

In order to help you further, could you please help me with the screenshot of the email conversation which I had with the app developer?

Please make sure your email address and app developer email address should be clearly visible.

It’s helpful if the screenshot shows the entire screen instead of a partial screen. For example, if there’s an error message, it will help if I can see what’s on the rest of the screen around the error.

For steps on taking screenshots on your device, visit our Help Center:

You can also take a photo of your screen and send it to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Within 48 hours of our last interaction, you may receive a short survey through email. We’d love to hear your feedback about our interaction today and your overall experience with Google support.

Sofie K
The Google Support Team

@lester.gaming01 I’m sorry, this is the developer forum and we can help with development and technical questions.

Since zoom support had advise you to work with google play store support, I would advise the same and for you to follow up with them.

How could i contact app developer sir? Because google’s play told me to talk to the zoom web developer.

@lester.gaming01 i think you are mistaken. Google mentioned to contact the app developer, which is Zoom as an entity. This support forum is not that entity which Google is referring to.

Did you contact Zoom support under

It is important you talk to the right department as they will be the one who can assist you.

We are unable to help you here, as this is the support for developers who are building on top of Zoom SDK and API. If you are a programmer and you are having issues with your programming, then this is the correct forum.

I would like to emphasize this point again.

**Did you contact Zoom support under **

It is important you talk to the right department as they will be the one who can assist you.

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