No response on Zoom app submission in 2 weeks

We submitted our Zoom App and after back and forth, we made the required changes and on 5/9 but haven’t heard back from the Zoom team.

We have several clients waiting for this and need to get some guidance on moving forward. Can someone help us with this? Thanks!


@sreesh Can you please provide more information like the name of the App please so I can check the status for you?

Regards, Kwaku

Hi @kwaku.nyante - our app name is " SpendHound Zoom Connector"

Hello, @sreesh were currently internally reviewing internally the privacy related concerns we do have in relation to your App, we will have internal discussions and provide feedback when those are completed. If you want more detail on the concerns we have please reach out to us via email

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante Thanks for the update - will email now!