No response on Zoom app submission in 3 weeks

We submitted our Zoom App and after back and forth, we made the required changes and on 4/3 but haven’t heard back from the Zoom team.

We have several clients waiting for this and need to get some guidance on moving forward. Can someone help us with this?

Hello @sreesh can you please let me know the name of your Zoom Integration so I can check on the status for you.

Regards, Kwaku

SpendHound Zoom Connector - Thanks!

Hello @sreesh the App was reviewed and sent back for requested changes on 4/3 it was submitted on 3/30 at this moment we do not have a request for Publishing on the queue.

Regards, Kwaku

Got it - I submitted the app for publishing. Please let us know if there’s anything else we need to do.

Hi @kwaku.nyante, Looks like we are having the same issue again. We submitted the app on May 9th again I believe and are still waiting on a response.