Zoom App submitted on 4/5 and still no reply

We submitted our Zoom App on 3/9, and after back and forth with security, we submitted again on 4/5 and we are still waiting for a response.
We have several clients waiting for this and we have run out of excuses, even though this is out of our control. Can someone help us with this?

Hello @andres Can you provide the name of the App so we can check on it for you.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Kwaku. The name is TARIY app. Thank you for your help.

@kwaku.nyante, can you provide any updates or specifics on the reason behind the delay? Thanks

Hello @andres there is a privacy concern we need to confirm with our trust and safety team, once we should have it resolved shortly hopefully by the end of the day.

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you for the reply @kwaku.nyante. We implemented an element that addressed that concern in the previous back and forth with the security team. Please let me know if there is any additional information we can offer.

Hello @kwaku.nyante! Any news? I’d like to understand if there is anything we can do to move things forward. Thank you for your comments.

Hello @andres sorry for the delayed response

Due to the nature of the technology described in your app’s meta data, the Zoom Marketplace teams need extra time to review your app. We value your time and effort you have invested in our platform so far, and want to ensure your efforts are not wasted. We will contact you if we have any additional questions.

Regards, Kwaku

Hello @kwaku.nyante! Any updates? This Wednesday will be 6 weeks since we submitted the app and still have not received feedback or approval. We need an answer soon, this delay is way beyond the 4+ weeks that marketplace suggests. Thank you for your comments.

@kwaku.nyante can you please provide an update? We have been patiently waiting; however, this is becoming an inconvenience as it’s affecting our business and the ability to onboard new customers.
Hopefully, we hear from you or your team by the end of the week; otherwise, we will have no other option but to scale this issue.

Hello @andres the issue is still being worked on, we are working to possibly have a meeting with you and our legal department to make sure their concerns are addressed. I’ll work around to see if we can get an estimated time and date for this meeting and get back to you shortly.

Regards, Kwaku

Ok, let me know when we can schedule the call. Thanks!

Hello @kwaku.nyante checking if you are able to provide any news and if we have a date when we can schedule this meeting with the legal department. Thank you for your comments.

Hi @kwaku.nyante any updates on the meeting with legal? It’s been 20 days since the team reviewed the app and 12 days since legal wanted to meet with us. At this point, we are not only missing out on potential customers but Zoom is keeping us at a standstill without clear communication or even a response.
Please let me know what the next steps would be.

Hello, @andres from what I understand there are meetings that need to be completed with Legal and Management before they possibly move forward with this. We do understand the inconvenience but we need to make sure any apps we are unsure about are properly vetted before you get published on the marketplace. Once findings are complete we can provide the dates for these meetings. Also this is a very public forum and preferably if you want more detailed information about your submission please email integration.testers@zoom.us

Regards, Kwaku