NO Status for Occurrence in Rest call to "Get Webinar Info"

For a rest call To Webinar -> Get webinar info (, the data which is returned in response has details about the webinar.The Occurrences which are returned for the webinar also contains the occurrences which

The Occurrences which are returned for a webinar also contains the occurrences which has been deleted via the web interface. Although in the web interface it can be seen that an occurrence was deleted but via the data in the rest api call i can’t figure it out if an occurrence is a deleted one or not.

Can the rest api  not return the deleted  occurrence? Or can we have status with each occurrence to tell if it is a deleted one or not?

Hi Sameer,


Would need more details to debug this (also your comment is hard to follow as it looks like it stops mid sentence and starts again, can you clarify?)

Hey Joshua,

Let me explain this simply. I had a webinar with several occurrences. I deleted a few of them through the Web interface. The web interface shows them deleted by putting a “Deleted” sign beside the occurrence name.
Now, when I try to get that webinar info through the Rest api. In response, I am getting all of the occurrences including the deleted once. So, there is no way to distinguish in the rest response that which Occurrences are the deleted ones and which are active.

I would be glad to share details, but as this post is public I can’t share it here. Could you provide me with email of yours so that I could mail you the details. Besides, I have already sent details to one of you support team member.

Hi Sameer,


I tested this an I am filing a bug for this issue, stay tuned.