Why occurrence Id is not returned for API List Upcoming Webinars?

Hi there,

I had read through some of the threads here. And it looks to be like that the “List Webinars” endpoint doesn’t return occurrenceId even when the webinar itself is a recurring one. However, it needs the occurrenceId on the “create registrant” for recurring webinar.

My uses case is that I am creating a webpage to retrieve a list of options for my recurring webinars thru the “list Webinar” api and user will be picking one of the time slot and we will register them through api. Imagine if I have a whole lisst of different recurring webinars based on different topics, then I have to query “Get a webinar” api for each of the recurring webinars to get a list of occurrence, just to get the occurrence Id? I will also have to create a logic to match the occurrence Id to the original “List webinars” result. And looks to me that the only way to do it is using the start_time. So one single api call will then become a loop of other api calls and a customized logic.

Did I miss anything here? Is there a better way to do it? Please help.

Thank you

Hi @wayne.leung
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum.
You are correct, the List Webinar endpoint does not return the occurrences id, this endpoint only lists all the webinars scheduled for the host and it shows basic information about them (such as ID, type, start_time, etc)

In order to get occurrences ID you will need to query the individual webinar ID to get a list of those occurrences you are looking for. Unfortunately, there is not workaround for this issue.

What I am thinking is that you could probably benefit from using our GraphQL