Not getting user meeting wehooks for host

We have enabled webhooks for meeting participant events in our zoom app. We are only getting webhooks for meeting owner, We changed our participant role to meeting host but still webhooks were not received.
Although the meeting host has our application installed.
Is there any additional configuration that we need to add because right now webhooks are received only if our application user is also meeting owner or meeting owner has our application installed.



Thank you for posting. There is no additional configuration needed to trigger the Participant/Host joined webhook. As long as you subscribed to the event, you should see events posted to your endpoint. Are you saying that when changing the participant role during the meeting webhook event does not trigger?

No, What we are observing is that our application user who is meeting host not owner does-not get meeting webhooks. We are only getting webhooks only if meeting owner has our application installed.


Thank you for the additional details – that is expected behavior. As noted in the Participant/Host joined meeting event description, " A meeting attendee is a meeting participant or the host. The meeting host must be a user in your account or a user in any other accounts that have installed your webhook-enabled app."