No zoom data retrieved from API


We use the zoom api to create meetings for certain zoom accounts and after the meeting happens, we use the zoom api again to see if the host initiated the meeting and to check how many people attended the meeting (using /v2/past_meetings/{meeting_uuid}).

It generally works nicely, but for this one specific host it keeps failing. Whenever we receive the results zoom simply replies with an empty array. Normally this means that either the host didn’t initiate the meeting or at least did not log in. But the host is doing both and a lot of the times - not always - we get an empty array back from zoom.

I find it really curious that we only have this problem for this one person. Initially I thought she was missing something, so I checked with her and there’s nothing wrong with what she does :expressionless:

Any idea what’s going on?

btw, this is an example zoom meeting id in which we had problems: 94588082993

I guess with this id you can know everything else, right?
Let me know if you need anything else.


Some more information:

  • today we had some guests complaining the host wasn’t present. They got this screen saying something like “The meeting hasn’t started yet”
  • While the guests were waiting looking at that screen, the tutor was also waiting for the guests.
  • When we create the meeting using the api, we pass these settings:
    ‘join_before_host’: ‘true’,
    ‘waiting_room’: ‘false’,
    so it’s very weird that the guests had to wait for the host at all
  • it’s also very weird that the host didn’t receive this screen. If the host had seen this screen we could simply say that for some reason zoom wasn’t able to detect the host had joined, but it seems zoom is able to detect that this is the host.

Any help is highly appreciated.

And another piece of information… Apparently this only happens on the meetings at 4pm London time and for this specific host.

Sorry, I’m passing all this info as I get it in the hope it can help debug :slight_smile: