Non-HIPPA compliant functionality for dual-use business accounts

I have a standard Business account with 10 licenses. It is the HIPAA version of Zoom because the licenses are used for telehealth. But my company also does Continuing Education (a non-protected activity) and need the usage report of participants (entering and leaving the meeting) to verify attendance when providing certification of Continuing Education. Since the participant names in the Usage Report are all *****, we cannot verify attendance.

I am told this is a dual-use case and that currently there is no work around. One possible feature would be the ability to allow some licenses to be HIPAA compliant and others to be standard. In my case, I would simply designate one of my 10 licenses non-HIPAA compliant to use for meetings and Continuing Education events. Another work around would be to give every HIPAA user one free non-HIPAA license in a separate account. In fact, I would be very appreciative if Zoom would do this in my case so that I don’t have to suffer this loss of functionality simply in order to run a healthcare business. I can’t use a free account because some of our continuing education classes are 3 to 6 hours in length.

Thanks for your consideration!