Not able to join meeting from web sdk due to browser policy

SDK user is not able to join the meeting due to Browser Policy error

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
3.1.0 - Client view


Device (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Linux
  • Browser: Chromium 116


Is this behavior reproducible with the latest Chromium browser? I am not able to reproduce that behavior on my end.

@donte.zoom This issue was faced in one of our client meeting. Is there a setting in higher zoom plans to disable browser (including websdk)?

@bharat.bhadresha ,
Does this behavior consistently occur during your client meetings? If so, an organizational policy could be causing this within that environment. Have you ruled out this possibility? And are there any error logs in the console?

@donte.zoom Which policy can cause this issue?

@bharat.bhadresha ,

In account setting, I’d recommend checking to see if the Join meeting from browser is disabled on their account :

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