Not able to pull all meetings/webinars using /metrics/meetings or /metrics/webinars REST APIs


We are not able to pull all 6 months meetings/webinars details from zoom and it is providing only 1 month data eventhough we give 6 months duration as from & to dates.

Request URL:

List Meetings:

List Webinars:

Could you please help us what the issue is and why it is not providing 6 months meetings/webinars details.


Hi Dayaker,

Can you please provide some screenshots showing the issue so that we can investigate it further?

Please find attachment for your reference.


Thanks Ojus for your response.

It is working fine when we change from & to dates as monthly gap. Initially we used to pull details for all 6 months duration by providing from & to dates as 6 months gap, that was not working. We came to know later that this API pulls only 1 month data at a time and to pull 6 months data we changed from & to dates keep on and got the 6 months data at the end.


Hi @dayaker.rao,

Glad that your issue was fixed.