Not able to test premium zoom services

From what I’ve seen, instead of providing the ability to create multiple apps in our account in order to have one for production and another for testing, we’re supposed to just create a free account for development. This works for some things but it doesn’t address the fact that free accounts don’t have the ability to perform certain actions like recording to the cloud which is what I now need to test. The only option would be to pay for another zoom account. Am I missing something?

Hi @marlo,

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
You are correct, the thing is that some of our endpoints have as Prerequisite. having a Pro or higher account, so in some cases when you have a free basic account you wont be able to access certain endpoints.

What type of app are you creating on a separate account? You should be able to create more than one OAuth app in your account if this is the type of app that you are working with.

Hope this helps!

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