Not all contact groups are listed to grant permissions to the incoming webhook app

I am trying to enable the “Incoming Webhook” app in the Zoom Marketplace for a specific contact group.
However, not all contact groups are showing up in the list. I have two contact groups in the Zoom Web Portal for testing. One is called Zoom-Beta-Testing which was created many months ago and the other is Webhook Testing which was just created today on May 2nd and it won’t show up either. In order to do proper testing, I need to be able to activate this app for testing.

Hi @pucketlz , this does not seem like a developer related question, but please reach out to Zoom Support to help with account permissions:


I tried to open a ticket and it wouldn’t let me and said to post on this site.

Hi @pucketlz ,

Did you reach out through or It seems like it would be the latter for your request. You should be directed to a bot and subsequently a live Support person to help with account questions.

I’m a Zoom Admin for a large organization. I know it’s not a permission issue on our end. I’ll try to open a ticket again and I won’t choose Developer as the type. Thanks

Hi @pucketlz , I see. Thanks for adding that context about your status. You should definitely be able to add the respective groups as directed in the Support documentation with your admin status. You should get to the right help for this via and not selecting developer. This may be a Marketplace bug or something that needs to be readjusted on the back end of your account.