Restrict usage of Incoming Webhook to specific users

I want to restrict the usage of the Incoming Webhook app to only a group of users and not everyone but I cant figure out how.

The only option I found are under Install permissions > Chat visibility after installed:

  • All users on this account can view the app in chat
  • Specific IM groups can view the app in chat

I can’t create IM groups because the page ( for this function isn’t working. If I try with the Zoom API ( then I receive 410 Gone response with message: The IM Group APIs are no longer available.

IM Groups have merged with User Groups, and appears as Groups. / Managing IM groups – Zoom Support

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Installed Apps
  2. Select Set Chat Visibility next to the app.
  3. Try to add a group.

I am also willing to create a chatbot from scratch too but it is possible anyhow to show the bot only for a specific group of users?

Thank you in advance for any kind of help.

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