Not build and run - unity and zoom android sdk

I’m going to implement it so that video conferencing is possible through Zoom in the unity environment.
Video SDK
That’s why I’m following the link, Video SDK above.
By the way, it doesn’t get built in number 5 of Configure the project for Android in this link.
I don’t know how to solve it when it says the error is Command InvokeFailure: Gradle build failed.

For your information, I made a virtual device with api30, x86_64 in Android studio. And, I downloaded the folder from Download the platform files for Android from the Marketplace as well. in #3 of Getstarted and put it in the Asset/Plugin/Android path. Also, Android downloaded the latest folder in v1.10.1, and although there is only one Unity, I downloaded the latest folder in v0.0.1.
I think there is an error because I set the player settings 4 times incorrectly.

build settings and player settings