Not found app_deauthorized event type

I’d like to create Deauthorization Event URLs for executing deauthorization. I believe this should be set up from the Event Subscription in the App Marketplace. There should be options to select Event Type, but I can’t seem to find the event type corresponding to app_deauthorized. Can you advise me on this?

I found the following description

Note: Deauthorization notifications are sent only for public apps; apps published on the App Marketplace. Deauthorizations for development apps do not trigger notifications.

Is it not possible to test deauthorization in a development environment?
Should deauthorization be handled after it is made public?
I am not sure when this should be addressed.

Could someone please respond?

Hi @demizu
Thanks for reaching out to us.
This event will be triggered only when a published app is unauthorized.
There is no way to test this for your development environment