Not found sdk key and secret

When I created zoom meeting sdk I didn’t find any zoom sdk key and secret.

Error link

Hi @aitldev7 ,

While logged into your developer account, please create a support ticket labeled “bug” and titled “SDK Key and Secret Missing From App Credentials”.


  • This screenshot you’ve shared
  • A link to URL of your App Credentials page
  • Your OAuth credentials
  • A link to this post

Tell support you would expect to see an App Credentials page like this one and that this is a known issue (ticket ZOOM-481026):

Thank you!

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there is/was an error while creating new apps - the sdk key/secret is not visible

Hi @j.schoenemeyer , are you experiencing this issue too? If so, please follow the guidance I shared above.

no, my app was generated in July 2022 and there is no problems with the sdk/secret

only apps which are generated in January 2023 have the problem

Thank you for this update!

@aitldev7 This is a known issue. When you create your ticket please reference ZOOM-481026.