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I am not getting poll results of guest users in the poll API. Is there a way I can retrieve guest user’s poll results too?

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The above links didn’t help.

Hi @asit.pandi,

Thanks for reaching out about this—to clarify, are you not getting any results for non-authenticated participants, or are you getting an empty response? I should note that it’s expected that certain information such as their email will not be returned.

Let me know when you have a chance, thanks!

Hi @will.zoom,

We are getting the poll result of only registered users. We are not getting poll results of users who have not registered or attended the meeting by just entering the meeting-id.

For your reference-: API polls results not show guests feedback
We are facing the same error.

Hi @asit.pandi,

Thank you for clarifying. Is it possible to share a copy of the exact request that you’re making and the response, so that I can take a closer look? It’s possible this could be a bug, but these details will help me to confirm. If this contains sensitive details, you can also send this to


Hi @will.zoom ,
I’m using the GET /past_meetings/:meetingId/polls API to get the zoom poll results using the uuid of the meeting.

But for some meetings, the API returns incomplete or empty data in the questions array but when the poll reports for the same is being downloaded through the UI: Admin -> Account Management -> Reports -> Poll Reports the meeting poll results are present in the excel file.

I too suspect that the entries that I am unable to fetch through the API are guest entries since some of them has ‘guest’ as their username, but is there were others that had ‘non-guest’ names but also were missing from the API result.
Is there any way to check the guest users in a particular meeting?

Hi @anurag.gupta,

Please see my reply here:

I’ll continue there.


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