Not possible to obtain the participant who asked to turn on the audio

Dear people,

The documentation for the IRequestStartAudioHandler Class tells us its GetReqFromUserId method is a way to “Get the user ID who asks to turn on the audio.”

It would be great if it did that but, unfortunately, this method returns the very same user ID of the participant who is receiving the event, which worths nothing :frowning:

We are on Windows SDK 5.14.0. Please consider fixing this method in a future SDK version.



Thank you for your feedback and sorry to learn that GetReqFromUserId did not meet expectations. I am happy to share this feedback with the team and help get you what you looking to accomplish. To begin, could you share more details about the user experience you are looking to accomplish? Also, can you share the snippet of the code used to GetReqFromUserId()?

GetReqFromUserId() Link

I am excited to hear back from you.

Hi Dante,

Thank you for the quick answer.

I believe the SDK team will just find that this method is returning the wrong field.

Regarding the code snippet, we call the GetReqFromUserId method by taking the handler reference received when the onHostRequestStartAudio event is fired.

We use macros to transport the SDK calls and events to the nodejs world. Take a look:

void Listener::onHostRequestStartAudio(ZOOMSDK::IRequestStartAudioHandler* handler_) {
	OBJ_FIELD(HostRequestStartAudio, UserID, handler_->GetReqFromUserId());

Below you can find log excerpts that support my assertion.

Info about the SDK participant being unmuted:

20:38:44 Call getMyUserInfo {}
20:38:44 Return {
  "Type": "UserInfo",
  "UserID": 16793600,
  "PersistentID": "dIIrRKflvdjoBPF20gUgZYYiTXhUJkQcF-thUHPI7O4-",
  "CustomerKey": "",
  "UserName": "Robô Guardião Precisão-i",

User join of the co-host that will perform the unmute action:
20:39:38 Event { Type: 'UserJoin', UserID: [ 16801792 ], UserList: undefined }

After the user 16801792 asks Robô Guardião to unmute, the following event is fired to the SDK user:
20:40:04 Event { Type: 'HostRequestStartAudio', UserID: 16793600 }


Thank you for this feedback, @precisao! I will share this post with the team and share what learn here. In the meantime, please let us know if there is any else we can help clarify.

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