Not support registration webinar

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I am using WebSDK version 1.5.0 to join a meeting and using the sample code provided with it.

When I try to join a meeting I get “Not support registration webinar” error,
But the webinar I am trying to connect is not registration based

In index.js file withing join method I have set userEmail property also have the role set to 0 in meetConfig object

Please let me know how can this be resolved

Hi @goyal.arun16,

Can you provide us the webinar ID?


Hi Michael

Account *********** and domain is
Its dynamic webinar id

Let me know If I need to change some settings.

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @goyal.arun16,

I was not able to reproduce the error. Can you post your code here (leaving out sensitive information), and I will take a look.

Also you have webinars enabled for your account right?



Can you also provide the email who is hosting the webinar?


Webinar is hosted by on zoom license

below is the sample code and yes webinar is enabled for our accountzoom-web-sdk-sample-code

Thanks @goyal.arun16,

I could only reproduce your error if I had the “Registration Required” checked.

Can you send me a screenshot of your entire webinar settings page?

Also if you could send me that code as text that would be great so I can paste and run it.