OAUTH APIs for Webinars

Webinar APIs

I was notified by Zoom that my JWT app was to be deprecated and that I needed to switch to OAUTH instead. I created the basic server-server app but …

I can find no details of the Webinar APIs anywhere. Most links that I did find resulted in 404 errors.

So please - where are the docs? I’ve only got a couple of weeks to get this switched over.

I eventually found the answer in the migration video. Would have been far faster if the migration docs said more about it.

For the benefit of those who follow … You need to set up a Server-to-Server OAUTH app . You then call the OAUTH token routine using the client credentials and secret established the you create the app. You can then use the resulting token to call the same old web services you were calling previously with the old JWT authenticalion method. The only change you need to make is that the OAUTH token has to be passed as a BEARER token.

In the end very simple but it would have been a lot easier if the docs had given more help.

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Really appreciate the feedback about the docs. Thanks and glad you were able to resolve!

You’re welcome. Just as an FYI the thing I could not find was a simple “Replacing JWT tokens with OAUTH for Zoom APIs”. It turned out the videocovered just that but it took me three days of part-time hunting (while I waited fruitlessly for someone from Zoom to respond to my question) to find trhe video reference.

I was all very frustrating particularly since the answer was so dang simple!

We sent out this migration guide and had posted on our docs to synthesize everything. Did you use this too? JWT app type migration guide

Nope - never saw that. Would have saved me a lot of time. I have no idea why I did not see it. I searched the your using terms like deprected and JWT and do not recall ever seeing this.