Migrating from JWT to Server to Server OAuth. Scopes missing

I am migrating my website Webinar Batch Registration from JWT to Server to Server Oauth. I have been following the guides, created the App and I have an issue (as an owner role) with the scopes offered. The endpoint requires Scopes: webinar:write ,webinar:write:admin but in the scope selector I only get the webinar:write:admin. The other one is not within the options.

How can I fix this?

Hi @webinar4
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This is probably due to the permissions that you have enabled in your account.
Make sure that the role that you are under, has webinar permissions enabled to view and edit.
You can refer to this post here:

My role is “owner”. Everything should be enabled by default. I need urgent help.

Hi @webinar4
Thanks for confirming that
If you are using the Server to Server oauth app, you should only need the webinar:write:admin scope since it is an account level app.
The webinar:write scope is only needed when using a User level Oauth app