How to use Zoom API OAuth in my client app(android/iOS)

I am trying to start/join meeting from android client app as an API user. I need get the ZAK first. So, I need get the authorization code from zoom OAuth app. This OAuth app is installed under a addmin account. But when i try to get the authorization code in java backend server. I can not make it work. Say, There is not response redirected to my configured redirect url. While, If i call the request from browser in which there is no zoom account logged in. the browser will be redirected to the zoom login page first, after i logged in with the admin account, I can be redirected to my configured redirect url and get the authorization code. So, does that mean, If i want to get the authorization code from OAuth app, i need popup a browser window for client user to login his/her zoom admin account which the OAuth app is installed in to authorize it first? How about if the client user logged in with another admin account instead? It will fall, right? because the client_id i passed is not created under that admin account.

So, is there a way to get the authorization code without any client user interaction from backend server?

Hey @henry1,

If you need to call the Zoom APIs, then yes, you will need to have users complete the OAuth flow so you can get an access_token and make API calls on their behalf.

Feel free to chime in here @carson.zoom :slight_smile:


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