Oauth Chat bot app, our end point keep recieves bot_installed event for some users, even the app is already installed


We have an oauth chat bot app for one of our clients (in account, not published). The app had been working fine but recently for some users, our end point is keep recieving bot_installed event even the app is already installed. That is causing for those users to receive bot installed message(wellcome) instead of the actual message itself. we can provide more information if needed.

Happy to investigate this. Any chance they are trying to reinstall the bot again?

thanks @ojus.zoom. After experiencing the issue, one of the user removed the app and re-added it. and that solved the issue for first few messages but then bot installed message started appearing again and they did not receive the actual message. On our end we have deleted the user data( userjid, token etc) so that our service would get it from zoom user api again. We have sent the message with the new user data (which was same with the deleted data). that also made the user get the message temporariliy. This time user started getting both bot installed message and actual message together. After that actual message stopped being pushed again. That is only happenning to 2-3 users currently, the other users in the account are not experiencing the issue