Couldn't get 'bot_installed' event

I have created a chat bot and tried. When I installed it. it is not giving bot_installed event at the endpoint url. but i am able to get bot_notifications.

Even when i left the welcome message to default I am not getting any welcome message when the bot is installed.

waiting for the reply.

Hi @rohith,

There are a few suggestions I’d like to make. Can you look over the following points when you have a chance:

  1. Prior to being published, the Chat Bot can only be installed within your account—make sure you’re using/signed into the same account as the Chatbot app was installed under

  2. I’ve seen issues with Chat Bots that don’t have slash commands defined in the past

With that, please make sure that you are installing the Chat Bot on your account when testing and please test if adding a slash command to the Chat Bot changes the behavior you’re seeing.


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