OAuth app authorization fails with error


I need to integrate with zoom rest API’s to create webinar and register participants. When I try the authorize end point within zoom Oauth app or in browser it throws below error in browser. Please help me with this issue.

Error on browser when I try authorize endpoint:-
Authorization Failed: The callback could not be correlated with the initiating request. Please re-initiate the ‘provide consent’ flow.

Below are the steps I took:-

1)Created zoom OAuth App as per instructions in zoom website.I have added the https redirect url within the zoom app and also added it in the allowed list.This redirect url is oracle cloud redirect url from where I need to integrate with zoom API’s.

2)In the activation screen in the OAuth app there is Add button and copy url option and it gives me authorize url which is below format. I have masked actual client id and redirect url in below.Callback url is the third party application call back url from which I want to call zoom rest api’s.

authorize url:-

2)When I click above authorize url it prompts me zoom login screen.Once I provide my zoom login details it redirects it to the redirect url with auth code in that url and asks me to login in again where I am providing the login credentials of the third party application of that redirect uri(in this case oracle cloud applications).I this second step where it asks credentials I tried both with my zoom credentials and also with oracle cloud application credential both throw same authorization failed error.

Once I provide oracle third party credentials on below redirect url I get error on browser:
Authorization Failed: The callback could not be correlated with the initiating request. Please re-initiate the ‘provide consent’ flow.

below is the redicrect url with auth code I see in the browser:-


@n.deshmukh ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum - happy to help! As a start, can you share if you are seeing the same error when testing with a tool like Postman? If not, we have done for your workflows for OAuth that you can use to quickly test the OAuth flow. See the link below :


Please test and let us know if you have any problems or questions about this.


From postman it works fine as I believe it because in postman it uses postman redirect url for authorization.In my case I have given the third party application redirect uri with which I need to integrate zoom API’s with which does not work.


Thanks for the reply, @n.deshmukh ! Can you share a screenshot of your OAuth configurations? Be sure to omit your PII.


I am attaching all screenshots,steps and details in the attachment of this email.Please review .


(Attachment [Zoom Developer Forum] [API and Webhooks_Authentication] OAuth app authorization fails with error.doc is missing)


I had sent a screenshot in my last email,did you receive the screenshot and is that what you were looking for?,Please let me know.

Thank you

Its not letting me attach screenshots,I get error saying cannot embed media items in the post,please advise how I can share the OAuth app configuration.I tried by sending email that also failed to send the attachhment.