Oauth for externl users

We have a crm in which we want to allow existing/any zoom user to sign in an create a meeting. Our crm will have a create zoom meeting button that asks for users zoom credentials and creates a meeting.
We have created a zoom market place app, it allows us to access user data for a specific user, allows us to create a meeting for a single user.
how can we do this for any user, that allows our app (authorizes our app via oauth) to create meetings.

Workflow we want to achieve: Our app connect with zoom server, asks credentials of user,user starts a meeting.


For external users meeting creation from your marketplace OAuth app, you need to publish that app first on Zoom Marketplace.

We are just providing users an ability to create zoom meeting while they are in our system. A link that asks them to log into their own zoom account and start a meeting. Can we not achieve this without publishing an app?

That is the Zoom Login link or your system’s custom link?

We want them to login to their own zoom account . So they should be logging in via a zoom log in link. A user can start a meeting, record and we want to save their recording, transcribe it. We thought zoom oauth would allow our app to access their account to get recordings. But asking every user to create a marketplace app seems tedious

For :point_up_2: , you need to publish your marketplace OAuthApp. Once App is published, you will have user creds for any user installing your app.