Php Oauth Zoom API Integration

I have a php laravel website , where multiple users registers as yoga teacher, they conduct the yoga classes.
I want to allow those yoga teacher to create zoom meeting to there own zoom account from my website and want a zoom join url in response to save at my end in database for further functionality

I had tried with zoom oauth api’s, But I don’t want these users to be created in my zoom business account (Where i have created the oauth app)… any of the yoga teacher from my website should be allowed to create there own zoom meetings on there own accounts.

Please help … any help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

I am using OAuth api.

1. I created the Oauth app
2. Copy the credential
3. curl Request for the authorization

4. Then curl request for the access token

5. Then try to create a meeting

But this is creating meeting in my own zoom account …
I want to create the meeting in the users account.

I have found the following Users api, where I have to pass the user id to to create the meeting{user_id/email}/meetings

my questions is that , after providing the user_id in the above api , will zoom meeting created in my zoom account or the users zoom account?

Hey @eluminous.se47,

Good question—happy to clarify.

To that end, once a user has authorized your OAuth app and you’ve retrieved an access token, you can then authorize a request to the Create Meeting endpoint using the access_token for the user, and pass either that user’s email or user ID to the request URL.

This will create the Meeting under that user’s account, not your own. Please note that in order to use an OAuth app with users outside of your account, you’ll need to first publish your app on our Marketplace:

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


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