Create meeting on behalf of external users

I am using zoom corporate account and my role is Member role. I am working as developer. We have website where we want our customers (who are recruiters) to be able to create zoom meeting from our website and share meeting link with candidate for interview purpose.

So far, I have created OAuth account level APP in the zoom marketplace. It is not published currently. I have created API in my application to create meeting link using bearer token. API is able to generate meeting link using ‘me’ keyword but not working if I pass {userid} param where userid is email address for external users who are not part of my zoom app.

I have couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible for our website users (who are not a part of corporate account - they are external users) to create a meeting link using zoom API where in I pass website user’s zoom email address in {userid} parameters in this API: /users/{userId}/meetings. If yes, then we just need to pass {userid} where userid is user’s zoom user name?

For this, do I need to publish my app? Is there anyway I can do without publishing app?

  1. During processing of obtaining authorization code by using call back URL, zoom is asking to enter user name and password in zoom login screen. We do not want our customers/users to enter zoom credentials while creating a meeting through our website. Is there anyway to skip this step by doing it through back end API OR using single sign on zoom automatically verifies it if we provide user’s zoom account email address in someway?

  2. I am getting error when test app locally:
    You cannot authorize VohraZoomApp with my member email address. The reason page says is:
    “You cannot install the app because you don’t have the required permissions. Please contact your IT administrator for permission and try again”

Resolution page offers is: Go to Account Management → View and Edit “Sub account management”

But my admin cannot find section View and Edit “Sub account management” under Account Management to grant me permission

I would really appreciate if you can provide answers as early as possible? It is kind of urgent request.

Thank you,

Hi @hshah

If have a role of a member, then:

1] You can create account level OAuth app, but cannot authorize it. It will have to be authorized by an admin.
2] This app can still be installed by users outside of your account, as long as they are admins
3] It needs to be published in our marketplace before external users can install it.