OAuth Invalid redirect url 4,700

I get a 4700 error when trying to do OAuth authentication.
It was a working site.


API Endpoint/s?
Share the API endpoint/s you’re working with to help give context.

How To Reproduce
1. Request URL / Headers (without credentials) / Body

2. Authentication method or app type

3. Any errors

Hey @Sapiens
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
This is interesting.
May I ask you for the name of your app? Also is this app published in the Marketplace?

Hi! @elisa.zoom

Published on the marketplace.
The app name is PLJEC Cloud

[type or paste code here](https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/NJU0lCl_Qs-C4b_o2XhVGg)
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Thanks @Sapiens
I will look into this and I will bring you an update shortly

Hey @Sapiens
Have you made any recent changes to your app by any chance?

Hi! @elisa.zoom

After ‘Invalid redirect url’ Error occurred, the following details were corrected.

Redirect URL for OAuth
https://pljec.cloud/pljec_zoom/ -> https://pljec.cloud/pljec_zoom (Modified)

Add Allow lists
https://pljec.cloud/pljec_zoom/ (new addition)

I thought the ‘/’ after the URL could be the problem, so I fixed it.

Hi @Sapiens
Happy to hear you were able to fix this issue on your end!
Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

Hi! @elisa.zoom

It hasn’t been resolved.
I got the same error after fixing the above.

So I left a message.

Oh I am sorry, I misunderstood @Sapiens !
I was able to look into your published app and it looks like your redirect URL (dev) is:


And in your allow list you have an extra “/”
Could you please remove it and re submit your app for update so the changes will apply to the published app.


Hi! @elisa.zoom

The https://dev.pljec.cloud/pljec_zoom URL is for development.

The https://pljec.cloud/pljec_zoom URL is for product services.
This is what doesn’t work.

The set screen is attached again.

Hi @Sapiens
Thanks for sharing more details with me.
I was able to look on our end and it looks like the redirect urls that are in your published app are different from the ones that you are sharing with me. Did you recently add those?? if so, please resubmit for update so this changes will update on our end.

If you have any other questions please send me DM and I can send you a link to my Calendar so we can hope into a Zoom call.


Hi! @elisa.zoom

Changed after redirect url 4,700 error occurred.

I think that the modification of the app information is not the root cause of the error.

Resubmitted the app.

Hi @Sapiens
Let me know if you still have this issue after re submitting the app for review.

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Hi! @elisa.zoom

The problem has been resolved.

Now it works fine.
It took a long time, but thanks for the support.

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Happy to hear it works fine now.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you :slight_smile:

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