OAuth Password Grant Support

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When we integrate Zoom to other system like LMS (Learning Management System).
LMS does not support SSO. So they want to use OAuth Password Grant method to login user from LMS to Zoom

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Hey @anhnt,

We do have OAuth: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/authorization/oauth/oauth-with-zoom

Is this issue related to an app on our Marketplace?


Hi Tommy;

We describe this case in detail as follows:

We are integrating Zoom system into online training system. Zoom system acts as a module to organize online sessions.

Instead of creating an account on the Zoom system, users can use the elearning system account to log in to the Zoom system. (like logging in Zoom through your Facebook or Google account).
User’s features will be specified through the Oauth Authorization Code Grant.
The login to Zoom using an account on the elearning system will be done through the Oauth Password Grant method.

Currently, according to information from Zoom’s support team, Zoom does not support Oauth Password Grant.

So there are two things we want to refer to:

  1. Zoom’s ability to support Oauth Password Grant
  2. If the elearning system does not support SSO, is there any other way in which Zoom can integrate users and permissions as we described above?

Please help us to know how to handle this integration.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Hey @anhnt,

We do have Zoom Login just like Facebook or Google.

You can create a User Level OAuth app, which will allow you to have Zoom Login on your site.

Due note, if you intend to allow any Zoom user to login with your OAuth app, you must publish it on the Zoom App Marketplace.


Hi Tommy;

The informations you provided above, we understand that it is possible to log into other systems using Zoom’s account.

But what we mentioned is the opposite. We log in to Zoom using another system’s account.

Customer system does not support SSO yet. They are using OAuth, and they require Zoom to support OAuth Authorization Grant & OAuth Password Grant.


Thanks and Best Regards.

Hey @anhnt,

I see now thanks. We will most likely never support that. We support OAuth 2.