How to login mobile sdk using OAuth?

Current Android SDK provides two ways to login to zoom account: email/password and SSO token.

There’s little document regarding how SSO token works. I tried to use Zoom REST API to complete OAuth flow, and get a so called “toke” via “”. But sdk.loginWithSSOToken() does not seem to accept that token. I also tried to feed in access token directly, which does not work, either.

So my question is, is there any way in Android SDK to login without using email and password? The ideal flow is to use same user interface that Zoom app uses, where user can choose to enter email / password or use OAuth such as Google account to login.

Which version?
Android SDK v4.3.1.47200.0322

Thank you!

Hi liulongw
Thanks for using zoom sdk.

You can login with zoom access token.

Sample : APIUserStartJoinMeetingActivity

Hi Jiulong,

Thanks for the post. The token that the loginWithSSOToken is expected is different from the token you retrieved from the Zoom API.

  • The token for the loginWithSSOToken is from the SSO service provider. If you would like to know more:
  • The token you retrieved from the API is the Zoom API tokens, you can use these tokens to start a meeting without using email and password. The detailed info regarding this is mentioned by Fred.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you guys! I will check ZAK out.

Hi @Carson_Chen @Fred_Luo ,

Seems like I need to use StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin with token and ZAK. However this params requires a scheduled meeting number as described in the document. Is there similar options (use token and zak) for instant meeting? Or is the meeting number optional I can simply put a null string?


Never mind. I can create an instant meeting via REST API.

Hi jiulong,

Thanks for your reply and glad to hear that the problem is resolved. Please feel free to let us know if any other questions.


Hi jiulongw

StartMeetingParams4APIUser can start a instant meeting with token and ZAK.

public int startMeetingWithParams(Context context, StartMeetingParams param)