OAuth Redirect Url not redirecting after authorize

Hi,I have One issue in OAuth Integration in My application

I have Created One APP in Zoom Developer Account

Given Redirect URL: https://subdomine1.veesm.com/admin/callback

I have created access token with the above Redirect Url and Client id and client secret id.

My application is https://subdomine2.veesm.com

if i Click on Authorize Zoom Login in my application the call from Zoom is going back to this https://subdomine1.veesm.com/admin/callback URL.

But i want to redirect to this domain https://subdomine2.veesm.com

is there any custom domain redirection url in zoom like https://*.veesm.com/admin/callback

so that for each domain it will redirect to particular url’s


Hi, The redirect will go to the URL that you have provided in the app configuration - in your case, it is https://subdomine1.veesm.com/admin/callback 

We do not support any other options.


Wei @ Zoom