Referrer url as redirect url for OAuth flow

As I understand it, to get authentication to create meetings for a user of my app, they need to give permissions through OAuth flow. I would like to provide the referring URL as the redirect URL to get the code at and redirect a user to. Can that be done?

If not, could I finish the auth flow server-side by providing an API endpoint?

If not, could I just open another tab for the user while keeping the user on the referring page?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth. I believe I need a user app.

Additional context
I am being provided an installation link by zoom when trying to create a user app – is that what a user needs to click to authorize my app’s account to create a meeting? I don’t see anything that describes completion of the app creation on Zoom.

Hey @rahul8,

If I understand correctly, you will want to use the state query param in the authorize flow: