Oauth Security Update Java Validation

Hello All,

I was reviewing my application code ahead of The Access Token Chaange on Feb 14th 2023. As far as I can tell, my code is fine and I do not have to change anything. I wanted to post it here. If it is not fine and you are a Java developer, can you please explain what is wrong. If it is fine, it will be here as a reference for other Java developers.

Thank you

Hey @niall

If BASIC_AUTH is the access token with “Bearer” prepended to it, then it seems like you should be okay.

Just to be clear, if you weren’t using that variable it would read "Authorization", "Bearer <ACCESS TOKEN>"

Let me know if you have any questions.

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private static final String ZOOM_USER_CREDENTIALS = ZOOM_CLIENT_ID + “:” + ZOOM_API_SECRET;
private static final String BASIC_AUTH = "Basic " + new String(Base64.getEncoder().encode(ZOOM_USER_CREDENTIALS.getBytes()));

Thanks Ron :raised_hands: