Zoom Application Wrong redirect

Hi There,

  1. I’ve created a new application for oAuth purpose.
  2. I’ve put a redirect URI to my local host auth.
  3. When I try to test the app using the given link in the application, it takes me to wrong url.

Here is the url I end up with: https://zoom.us/api/v1/zoom/complete-oauth?code=uEv2ENbnUG_3bvrpQKqRa-lo3_Gr7w-6g

The highlighted part of the url is my local path, It should be localhost:8080/api/v1/zoom/complete-oauth?code=uEv2ENbnUG_3bvrpQKqRa-lo3_Gr7w-6g instead of the above URL.

Can anyone please help me understand what can be possibly wrong with the app?

Subhan Ahmed

Hey @subhan, happy to help!

I am trying to reproduce the issue, Is this what your redirect URI field looks like?


If not can you show me what you have in this field?

Yes, This is exactly what I have. Thanks

Hey Subhan,

I was able to reproduce this issue, and we are working on a solution now.

I will post back when we have a solution.

Thanks for your patience!

Hey @subhan,

This issue only happens with localhost urls. To solve this you could use https://ngrok.com/ to turn your localhost server into a free server with a url, and replace the localhost redirect url with the ngrok url.

Instead of http://localhost:8080/api/v1/zoom/complete-oauth it would be

This way you can still develop and test locally and have your redirect url work!

Let me know if this helps!