Occasional ' {'type":"INVALID PARAMETERS", "reason":"user is not send video"}' Error with Zoom Video SDK


  • Zoom Video SDK Version: 1.8.0
  • Operating System: Windows 10/macOS 13.3.1
  • Browser: Google Chrome

When developing with the Zoom Video SDK, I occasionally encounter an issue where my camera displays a black screen or freezes. In the console, I observe an error message {'type":“INVALID PARAMETERS”, “reason”:“user is not send video”}. However, I haven’t actively manipulated the camera during the call.
Attempted Solutions:
When encountering this issue, manually restarting the camera results in the following error message: ‘{“type”:“INVALID OPERATION”,“reason”:"Camera is starting, please wait.”}’

I currently have no solution in mind. Has anyone encountered or knows the reason for this?

Hey @yyy

Thanks for your feedback.

When the ‘user is not sending video’ error appears, it indicates that you are trying to render a user who hasn’t started the video. You can listen to the peer-video-state-change or user-updated events to get the details about users who are currently starting their videos.

As for the second issue, it’s possible that toggling the camera on and off too quickly might be the cause. Starting the camera takes some time.

Additionally, could you upgrade the Video SDK to the latest version?


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