On Air/Off Air sign automation based on users joining meetings

I want to verify I’m doing this the right way: I want to have an API that will notify when my wife’s or my corporate Zoom accounts join or host a meeting. I’ll use the notification as part of home automation routine to change light colors or an LED panel so we’ll know not to accidentally interrupt a Zoom meeting.
It looks like I will have to create a Zoom marketplace app using OAuth that is subscribed (webhooks?) to the “meeting joined/left” events. I’ll then use that authentication in an app running locally listening to the API to change the lights.
Is that the easiest way? I’d have to publish to the marketplace, then my wife and I would each need to add the application to our Zoom accounts (assuming corp policies allow that), and then my automation app would use the app token to authenticate and wait for notifications.
Is there an easier way to determine when either of us is in a Zoom meeting that I can use to trigger lighting changes?

My endpoint is a raspberry pi, so the automation code will probably be a python or node.js app that will wait for notifications that my wife or my corporate Zoom accounts (different companies) have joined a meeting, and then it will either update a local LED display or make an API call to another service like SmartThings.

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Hi @AdamBomb, I’d love to see your code shared as I’m sure many people would use this (myself included)!

You could use the Meeting Joined / Left events but you could also use the User Presence Status Updated event to show if a user is in a meeting or not. You could listen for three values: “Available”, “Away”, or “Do_Not_Distrub” and have the “On Air” light be set for the do not disturb setting, showing that someone is currently in a meeting.