Meeting.participant_joined webhooks with user-oauth apps

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Meeting - Participant Joined/Left Webhooks:

I’m trying to determine the user’s “active meeting”. As far as I can tell, the only real way to do that is listen for participant joined/left webhooks (please correct me if I’m wrong though).

The webhook description lists in its description:

The meeting host must be a user in your account or a user in any other accounts that have installed your webhook-enabled app.

This implies to me that the host must either have enabled the oauth app, or any user in the hosts’ account must have enabled the oauth app. However that appears not to be the case – the host itself must have enabled the app or else no webhooks are fired.

Can you help me understand where my misunderstanding of how it works is?

Alternatively, can you help me figure out if there’s any way to determine whether a user is currently in a meeting (and some details about that meeting like the name)?

Hi @paulselden
Sorry for the late reply here.
Your assumption is correct, the only way for you to get the meeting.participant_joined event in your app by having the host authorize your app in their account.

Webhooks are an excellent way to determine when certain user joins/leaves a meeting, but either the host of the meeting needs to authorize the app or if you have an admin-level app and have an admin of the account authorizing the app, then you will be able to receive events for all users under the account.

Hope this helps,