On Create registrant, comments, custom_questions or other data isnt saved or cant be accessed

I need to save a custom user id to the registrants to make a checkup between the zoom data and the data from my backend. I tried adding a custom question:

  "first_name": "Jill2",
  "last_name": "Chill2",
  "email": "[email_adress]",
  "language": "de-DE",
  "auto_approve": true,
  "comments": "BACKENDID:12345",
  "custom_questions": [
      "title": "BACKENDID",
      "value": "12345"
    "address": "BACKENDID:12345"

The create statement is working and the registrant is created, but when i list the registrants or the specific registrant all those fields are empy (custom_questions, comments, address).

  • Pro Account
  • Created prescheduled meeting via /v2/users/me/meetings

Hi @Semiro ,

I just tested this on my end and I was able to reproduce this behavior with the “custom_questions” returning as an empty array. I will investigate further with our API team!

I am going to message you for you to send me:

  • production client id
  • meeting id
  • registration id for the registrant tested
  • screenshots of the behavior observed

Thanks so much!

I opened up a service engineering ticket about this with the testing I was able to do (ZSEE-75781).

I’ll add your details to the ticket when you send. Thanks again!

Done. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Hey Gianni. Any news about that? :slight_smile:

Hi @Semiro ,

Thanks for your patience, I have just returned from OOO. The issue seems to be that we need to add the custom questions via web portal prior which is why it’s failing on create registrant, but I’m looking for a work around. Will try to update you asap.

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