On-premise recording - get recording / get ConfID

Hi Zoom team;

We did deploy on-premise meeting connector.
According to manual of recording server:

" For example, the recording path /opt/zoom/cmr-storage/replay/2018/06/08/7439928810/E8429740-9EF7-4AE0-8B98-3A32F276A03C, would translate to:

Date : 2018-06-08
Meeting Number : 7439928810
Conf id : E8429740-9EF7-4AE0-8B98-3A32F276A03C"

There is a parameter ‘Conf_ID’ that we dont know how to get it via APIs.

Please help us on this. How can we get parameter ‘Conf_ID’.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Hi @anhnt,

Thanks for reaching out about this. At this time, we don’t have a REST API for on-prem functionality. For questions about this, you’ll need to reach out to our Technical Support team here.


Hi Will;

Thank you for your info.

Best Regards.

No problem, glad I could help point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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