Once we start zoom meeting from start_url as host, we are able to access as host even though from join_url automatically

Hi everyone!

Regarding the title, I want to know whether such like behavior is expected or not.
The situation is as bellow.

  1. I usually use own zoom account.
  2. Some guy(A) sometimes create zoom meeting using his account and zoom API(JWT)
  3. A will give me start_url to make me join the meeting as host instead of him.
  4. I could not join as own account from join_url automatically(or asked to sign in again) after once i join meeting from start_url as host. Always will join as host…

The above steps, i do not want to join as host in the step 4.

  • My expect was that i will join as own account or i’m asked sign in again)
  • start_url is published by Create a meeting(/users/{userId}/meetings) with JWT.

Is this behavior you expect? Or Is there any way to control in my case?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @yu.ikarashi, to be clear, the start URL should never be provided to anyone except the intended host of the meeting (userID who has created the meeting).

The start URL contains a ZAK (Zoom Access Token) on the end which is unique to the host of the meeting; in this case, Some guy (A)

If you are looking to create multiple co-hosts of a meeting, I would recommend setting alternative hosts when creating a meeting (via API or not). This would allow a logged-in user to be a co-host of the meeting.

Hi @michael.harrington

Thank you for the rapid response.

I’ve also tried to create co-hosts of a meeting setting by alternative hosts.
But A could not publish meeting setting alternative host to my account, because my account is free plan…

Anyway i understood what you mean and recommended usage of zoom.

Thank you for your time.

Hey @yu.ikarashi,

This is actually a known issue, we are working to fix it:



Oh… I overlooked that.
Thank you so much, and your hard woking.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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Hi tommy,

I am always grateful for your help.

I don’t mean to rush you, but let me know the current situation about ZOOM-171226.

How do you think when will be the issue fixed?

In addition, if it’s fixed, how can i know that?
Can we know the progress searching by ZOOM-171226 in any page like release note?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @yu.ikarashi,

Happy to provide an update! :slight_smile:

This will be fixed in a set of releases next month. The last release being August 22nd. (Due note this could be subject to change).


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Hi @tommy

Please let me confirm about ZOOM-171226.
The fix is already released and the release note (23.Aug) is as bellow right?

Zoom Room automatically becomes co-host
The Zoom Room will now automatically become co-host if it was originally scheduled as the host of the meeting and joined after the alternative host, or if the Zoom Room rejoins the meeting after assigning a different host.

Hey @yu.ikarashi,

Yes, this is now released. :slight_smile:


Hey @tommy
We still have a similar problem.
Can you please help me?

Hey @malvika.ite,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread.

In that email, please include the meeting ID where you saw this and the timeframe. I’ll use that to look into this further.