One to One Audio/Video call


We want to integrate Zoom SDK in one of our projects, Which supports a lot of features like

  1. One to One Audio and Video call and Chat
  2. Group call, Group chat,
  3. Content Sharing like photo, video, Screen Share.
  4. Meeting Recording
  5. Live Streaming

Does all of the above features possible in Zoom Mobile SDK?
If yes please provide some links for reference.
And can you tell me what features are supported in free account. ?

Thank you


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The following are supported in Zoom iOS SDK:

  1. Audio and video call
  2. In-meeting chat
  3. Content sharing, screen sharing
  4. Cloud recording
  5. Live streaming

You may find the available features in the doc:

The SDK is free to use, but some of the features, such as cloud recording, requires a paid license. You could get more information here:


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Thank you for the replay @carson.zoom.
I have gone through the native iOS SDK document.

Could you guide me on how to achieve one-one calling in native SDK?

And I would like to know that how would I get the contact list of the logged in user.
Does this require oauth token?

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Thanks for the reply. If you would like to the get contact list, you could leverage the Zoom API: The Zoom SDK is an in-meeting SDK so it only includes the in-meeting features.

If you would like to have one-to-one call, you could:
1). Create a meeting and then get the meeting info from SDK interfaces
2). Use your backend to send the invite to another participant who is also using SDK
3). The other participant receives the meeting info and passes to join meeting interface to join a meeting

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Thank you @carson.zoom for the reply, this was really helpful.

I just checked that the we need oauth-access-token to make use of all the APIs.
How can I get the oauth-access-token in Mobile-SDK?

I have one more question.
Is it possible to active all the features available in the Zoom Mobile app in the Mobile-SDK?
Can we customise the meeting UI as per our need?

Thank you.


Zoom SDK does not support OAuth. The features that are available in SDKs are the same as those available in Zoom Client. If a feature that is available for your account in Zoom client, you will be able to use it in Zoom SDK.

You could customize the meeting UI, we provide 2 different customizations: 1) you could customize the existing Zoom default UI 2). Draw your own UI.

Please have a try with the demo app.